SIS are market leaders in the supply high security solutions, including Physical, Ballistic and Bomb Blast security.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to the design of these typically bespoke items.

Counters and Screens

The majority of our counters and screens go into the Rail Industry.

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We are able to provide DDA compliant counters and screens manufactured to the following standards.

BS EN 356 Manual Attack Resistance
BS EN 1063 Bullet Resistance

Our counters can be manufactured using a variety of finishes including Stainless Steel, Solid Surface, Laminates and Veneers.

Security Glazing

We regularly supply and install glazing systems into areas where a high level of security is paramount.

These include MOD, Government Buildings, Jewellers, Museums, Banks and other Public Buildings.

The following table summarises the various performance levels we can provide;

P1A P2A P3A P4A P5A P6B P7B P8B -

Bomb Blast Security

We have supplied Bomb Blast Security Glazing Solutions in to Commercial, Rail, Military and Government sectors.

We can provide both structurally glazed or capped solutions.

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